The Good Wife Promo: Targets

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Carrie Preston returns to The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15 as Elsbeth Tascioni, but that's not what really got our attention.

Sure, we love Preston and all she brings as Elsbeth.

How couldn't we? She's a doll.

But when there's a teaser of Alicia and Jason warming up the couch, well, it's hard to get past that.

Let's be honest, the only sex Alicia has had of late is with her ne'er do well husband, and what fun is that?

There have been sparks between her and Jason since they met.

We don't even know if what we're seeing in this preview are anything other than dream sequences.

But, they're enough.

Enough that we'll wait with anticipation for what might be.

The Good Wife Season 7 is its last.

Will Alicia go out with a bang?

At least one? C'mon girl. We're counting on seeing her come to life before she fades to black.

Turn up the heat and make every moment count!

We're ready. How about you?

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The Good Wife
The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15: "Targets"
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

David: You kinda got a cowboy thing going on, don't ya.
Jason: Not intentionally.

Cary: What are you doing for lunch today?
Lucca: Eating.

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