The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 11 Preview: Alicia Attacks

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You guys, The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 11 is going to be epic.

Picking up right where The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 10 left off, with Alicia learning Eli held from her a voice mail from the one that got away, a call that quite literally could have changed the trajectory of her life...

Well, Alicia takes the news standing up. And kicking. And throwing a purposefully placed stack of dinner plates.

The woman is angry.

And, dammit, she has a right to be angry. Very, very angry. 

Eli is probably the one person on the inside of her circle who knew exactly how she felt about Will Gardner, and it's exactly because he knew that he kept her from that call.

Keeping her from that call, changing the course of her puts him into a power position over her as a woman that no man, not a husband and certainly not an aid to your husband, should ever have over a woman.

Frankly, we can only guess where things will go from here.

Our sincere wish is that Alicia does not sink into drink, but rather that she does something positive. Make changes regarding her personal situation that makes her so incredibly unhappy she missed the signs with Will that left her waiting on a phone call that never came.

But there is that rumor of a story hanging out there that she'll be taken to task for her drinking. Will this push her over the edge into despair?

Let us know what you think. This one is almost too much to bear. 

The Good Wife returns on January 10. Be here with bells on to chat about the fallout!

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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Cary: You committed fraud.
David Lee: No, I committed selective depositing.

When you realize you don't know what life's about, that's truth.