The Strain Promo - “Identity”

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"You will witness something extraordinary," Eichhorst informs a curious Bolivar below.

It appears the Master has chosen his lieutenant as his next vessel. Will the transfer of the ancient vampire spirit be as messy as it was with Jusef Sardu? Can our mysterious new strigoi stop this from taking place?

In Washington D.C., Eph reconnects with his old friend and the two attempt to get the bioweapon into the right hands. Meanwhile, back in New York his strigoi ex-wife finally gets closer to Zack. Will she infect the boy?

The Strain Season 2 Episode 6 is an important chapter in the series. Don't miss it!

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The Strain
The Strain Season 2 Episode 6: "Identity"
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Gus: You could quit with the silent treatment bro. I know it's you. Admit it. A'ight, okay, fine. It's just some crazy coincidence. I mean, your name is Angel and you limp on the same knee that he got hurt on.
Angel: Coincidences happen.
Gus: I agree, but you gotta love those Silver Angel movies, right?
Angel: Garbage. Worthless garbage.
Gus: Hey don't insult the man, he's not here to defend himself.

Robert: Holy shit, what is that?
Eph: See those cysts? I did that. I found a way to kill these things. It's a bio-weapon. It's crude, it needs to be refined but it works.
Robert: What do you need?
Eph: I need to scale it up and I need your access. We need to play politics here. Run it through the labyrinth, except we don't have months we have hours.