The Strain Promo - "The Battle For Red Hook"

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"It is time for them to see our true power" Eichhorst tells Kelly.

Councilwoman Justine Feraldo's efforts are about to hit a snag. Once Kelly was able to sneak into Red Hook with her Feelers, the Master realized there were ways to bypass the checkpoint. The strigoi plan an all out seige and attack in record numbers. Which one of our heroes will fall?

Of course, Kelly remains focused on Zack. In the promo we see a strigoi lay eyes on the boy and relay his location to mama bear. How close will she come to capturing him this time? Elsewhere, Setrakian faces off against an old adversary.

Don't miss The Strain Season 2 Episode 9, it's one action-packed hour guys!

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The Strain
The Strain Season 2 Episode 9: "The Battle For Red Hook"
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Eph: Councilwoman Feraldo, I work with Nora Martinez at the CDC.
Kowalski: Hey hey, get his ass out of here.
Eph: I believe you know my son, Zack.
Feraldo: Yes I do.
Eph: His mother, she's turned. She got into Red Hook last night. She attacked us. She was made up like an uninfected person.
Mayor Lyle: I thought you told me Red Hook was secure?
Feraldo: It is.
Setrakian: It is not. They'll attack again, in greater numbers.

Fet: Alright, I checked all the window grates. No loose bolts. Place is secure as long as we don't...
Zack: No one does anything stupid, like open the door.
Eph: That creature manipulated you. It's not your fault.