Joey Fatone Defends his Juicy Butt

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His moves may have won over Dancing with the Stars fans, but the judges keep pointing out the prominent posterior on a certain contestant.

"It's big. It's a little juicy. There's nothing wrong with it," Joey Fatone told People magazine on Saturday at an Alzheimer's benefit event at the Playboy Mansion.

Joey Fatone
Still, Fatone works hard to make his rear less obvious on the dance floor. "It's gotta tuck in," he said. "I've got to push my pelvic bone in. I get nervous, though, when I do."

Why is that? "You'd be surprised: Even though I'm standing with a beautiful woman, you know, you would actually thrust? I hold back because I feel like I'm violating [partner Kym Johnson]."

And though he's struggling with his rump issues, he's confident there's a future for the Fatone fanny. "Actually," he admitted, "I want to put insurance on my ass like Jennifer Lopez did."

Fatone and Johnson will be back on the dance floor on Monday's Dancing with the Stars when they take on the rumba tonight. We'll have the recap first thing in the morning.

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