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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Rapprochement

Dare Me Review: Rapprochement

Beth brings the cheerleaders to a shady party, while Colette and Will's relationship continues to heat up on Dare Me Season 1 Episode 4. Read our review!
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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 10 Review: How Queer Everything Is Today!

Batwoman Review: Out and About

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 10, a hacker targets Gotham's secrets while Alice tries to out Kate to the city. Jacob's trial date approaches. Mary tries not to despair.
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Power Season 6 Episode 13 Review: It's Always Your Fault

Power Review: It's Always Your Fault

Tommy deals with a variety of crises on Power Season 6 Episode 13, as he ponders whether or not to leave New York City for good. Read on the powerful review!
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