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Taken Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Gone

Taken Review: Gone

On Taken Season 1 Episode 9, ODNI finds themselves forced to deliver a hostage to the FBI, but the cartel attempts to hijack the transfer. Our full review follows!
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Quantico Season 2 Episode 19 Review: MHORDER

Quantico Review: MHORDER

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 19, Caleb helps out the task force, while Owen comes up with a daring plan to stop the collaborators. Read on for our review!
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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 18 Review: Ace Reporter

Supergirl Review: Ace Reporter

On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 18, Lena's ex shows up with some new technology, but Kara grows suspicious of it and people start dying. Did their friendship survive?
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