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23 Actors Saddled with Terrible Roles

23 Actors Saddled with Terrible Roles

Not every actor gets a dream get with every part they play. We've picked some that stand out for us. See if you agree with these 23 actors with terrible roles.
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Pearson Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Fixer

Pearson Season Finale: The Fixer

On Pearson Season 1 Episode 10, Jessica finds out what really happened to Tommy Diehl, Angela's protest comes to a head, and Jeff has troubling news. Read our review!
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Suits Season 9 Episode 9 Review: Thunder Away

Suits Review: Thunder Away

On Suits Season 9 Episode 9, Harvey geared up to take down Faye, but he never could have anticipated the pushback. We have the full review of a wild episode.
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