Spencer Pratt in Kevin Federline's "Lose Control" Music Video

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In our investigation into the strange, yet increasingly famous life of Spencer Pratt earlier this week, we learned that he has a cameo in a Kevin Federline video. We'll, we've found the video in question ("Lose Control") and found the moment in which you can see Spencer.

Not that this is anything great (you're probably better off reading our interview with new PCD member Asia Nitollano, in all honestly).

In fact, he's just standing around at a club, and you can barely make out that it's Spencer Pratt in this low-res clip. On the plus side, he's one ugly dude - so maybe that's a good thing. Look for him at the 49-second mark... and enjoy the fact that you're wathcing a Kevin Federline video at work.

That's funny in and of itself, no?


Wow. If we were Spencer Pratt, and our goal in life was to act as awesome as we possibly could while contributing nothing to society, we'd have all copies of this tape. destroyed ASAP. Although Heidi Montag knows about it and it hasn't stopped her from dating Pratt (or getting a boob job and nose job for him).

Special thanks to Heather, a reader of the Scoop and a fan of The Hills who emailed us and brought this to our attention.

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