America's Next Top Model Recap: Mad Natasha Drama

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There's no doubt who the focal point was throughout last night's all-new America's Next Top Model episode: Natasha.

The other three remaining Top Model aspirants - Renee, Dionne, and Jaslene - left nothing in the bag, fueling the raging Natasha fire with remarks like:

Who is She, Really?
  • "She is this funny Russian girl, but now she's just annoying to me."
  • "You guys better bring it at the photo shoot tomorrow....We need to send someone home. You know who I'm talking about."
  • "I want to see Natasha go home. Right now, I'm over her."
  • "I'm really curious as to how does she lives her life."
  • "Natasha doesn't have a wedding ring, I've never seen a picture of her husband [or] her daughter."
  • "We don't know anything about her husband, at all. I don't even know his name."
  • "'Her story has changed so many times. It's like, if you're going to lie, at least be good at it."

Is she manipulative and fake â€" or even leading a double life? And did Tyra Banks and company keep her around for another week? Follow the link to continue reading our recap of America's Next Top Model...

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