Celebrity Fit Club Episode Guide: Dustin Diamond Drama Continues

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We know Dustin Diamond is a bad date.

We also know, thanks to the Dustin Diamond sex tape, that he is a cretinous but kinky former child star looking to make a quick buck wherever he goes.

But as far as his presence on Celebrity Fit Club goes, the former Saved By The Bell dweeb may have hit a new low this week.

This week, the Fit Club cast went to a dance studio for a special camp, and were told they would compete in a dance marathon.

First, they had to learn some steps so some dance instructors came in to teach them swing and salsa dancing.

For the first 90 minutes, the dancing was energetic and the dancers were having a good time. Then they started to wear down.

Later, when he paused with the intention of grabbing a drink, Dustin Diamond - always the group malcontent - stopped dancing, so he and Tiffany were out.

Dustin Diamond: Celebrity FIGHT club

Angry, he tried to argue with host Ant, but did finally step off. Then the following chain of events went down as Diamond became enraged:

  1. Dustin told Ant he might bail on the show.
  2. Ant told him to go ahead and bail.
  3. Dustin left, but vowed to get even.
  4. Then he challenged Ant to a fight.

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