David Weintraub: Sean Stewart is an Alcoholic

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How does David Weintraub feel about his fellow Sons of Hollywood? Here's a blog he recently posted on his MySpace account ...

[Sean Stewart] is a clinical alcoholic and an addict. He's been working for years to heal his issues with alcohol and drugs and is on the path to living a sober life. I'm really proud that Sean is on his way to living a sober life and that he's in AA and running with sober companions who won't poison him.

Everybody has issues. Unfortunately, this is something that Sean has dealt with growing up the way he did. Now he's leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Flat out I do not have a drinking problem. I am responsible for myself, my clients and everybody else in my surroundings. I know my limits. On the other hand, I do enjoy a couple cocktails and like to have fun, but I've never been excessive with drinking and I always hold it together.

That's nice to know. Meanwhile, for a recap of recent episodes of the Sons of Hollywood, check out our episode guides.

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