Inside The Search for the Next Great American Band

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We've uncovered a bit more about the FOX follow-up to American Idol.

The Search for the Next Great American Band
Those behind The Search for the Next Great American Band say the reality competition will borrow elements from Idol in launching a musical group to stardom.

"Because we're dealing with groups of people the storytelling will be different," Cecile Frot-Coutaz, one of the executive producers of the show, said.

"There will be tension between members of the bands... There's always that weak link... that allows great potential for drama."

"What makes these shows work is the audition phase when we scour the country," she continued. "It gives people the chance to get to know the contestants from the very beginning."

The 10-episode show, likely premiering this fall, will use the American Idol format (one host, three judges) to audition, critique, eliminate and eventually launch a musical act chosen by viewers.

"There hasn't been a band like the Beatles or Rolling Stones to break on that scale in a really long time," Frot- Coutaz said. "We're hoping to break that cycle."

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