Natasha Galkina, America's Next Top Model Runner-Up, Tells All

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Natasha Galkina, the most controversial and dramatic contestant on America's Next Top Model, was ecstatic to make it as far as she did, but is glad that it's finally over, she tell BuddyTV.

After almost being eliminated in the second week, Natasha proved to herself and the judges that she had what it took as her personality and hard work earned her a spot in the final two, along with eventual winner Jaslene Gonzalez.

Although Natasha didn't become America's Next Top Model, she received all the exposure she could ask for and is more than satisfied to be runner-up.

Natasha sat down with BuddyTV last week to talk about everything that went down on the show and wasn't afraid to hold anything back: good, bad, and ugly.

Q: Can you start off by telling us how you got to be on America's Next Top Model? How did it all start for you?

Natasha: Gosh it's a long story, do you have time? Well, becoming a model was always a dream and I love America's Next Top Model. I always wanted to be on the show and they would never have the casting calls in Dallas when I lived there. So the closest one was 100 hundred miles away on the border of Oklahoma and Texas and I decided to go there because I didn't have anything to do, it was the middle of August.

So I just drove a 100 there and I came and I was like, "Oh my God, so many girls showed up. No way I'm going to be chosen, you know?" So I tried and I went back home and I received the call and they said, "You are the winner! So come on up here again and you have an interview with us." So I was very excited to go there, and I met so many so people from CW and they were very, very nice to me. So when I came up there, I was like, "Where are the other girls? The other winners?" And they're like, "There's no, you are the only one." And it was just so exciting and that's just a little story.

Q: Did you think you were going to make it as far as you did in this competition?

Natasha: I was always hoping to make it as far as possible. I tried to work as hard as possible and learn and I really would try to remember what every judge would say about me and what they tried to correct and work on. And I think that the judges saw it and I think that they saw that I was improving and that's why I made it so far.

Q: You looked shocked when Tyra Banks pulled your picture and you advanced to the final two with Jaslene. What was going through your mind at this time?

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