The Man Who Helped Tyra Banks Bring That Sexy Booty Back

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Tyra Now & Then
Indeed, Jaslene Gonzalez has big shoes to fill.

While Tyra Banks made it clear she was just fine with the way she looked back in January, the America's Next Top Model producer and host doesn't mess around come bikini season.

Us Weekly talked to her trainer, Martin Snow, owner of Trinity Boxing Club, and found out how he helped Isiah Thomas' possible girlfriend get her figure back to fierce.

US: What kind of moves do you do with Tyra Banks?
Martin Snow: I have a boxing gym so I basically do the moves with her that a fighter would do. She tends to get bored just doing conventional stuff. She has an athletic body, so I just try to bring it out. She responds very well to exercise. I do old-man Charles Atlas workouts. Stuff that old-time fighters used to do to get in shape.

SCOOP NOTE: A different kind of fighter, Sean Stewart prefers a program of drinking a lot and just going wild.

US: What kind of client is Tyra Banks? Is she really motivated?
MS: She is fantastic. She is very driven and works hard and is super nice. If someone is really enthusiastic, that charges up the trainer. I have to motivate someone, but then I get motivated again.

US: When she came to you six weeks ago, did she have a specific area that she wanted to workout?
MS: We don't target-train people. If you train like an athlete, a byproduct of that will be looking good. She will do what it takes to get in shape.

US: What is a typical routine?
MS: I bring her over to the park. We will do some warm-ups, some running drills, a parachute run, where I put a parachute around her and she runs with it. We will do some medicine work where she will take heavy medicine balls and run and chase after them, and throw them at at different angles. We challenged these guys to handball but they punked out. Handball is great. And then we do kettle bells. I bring them out to the park. They are fantastic tools. For women, they are awesome. They target the core and you can do it every day. She is getting a pair for home and for work.

SCOOP NOTE: Heidi Montag got a pair of something else recently.

US: How often does she work out?
MS: She comes in around three times a week now. Each time it's different. We will take these old tractor tires and she will swing sledgehammers. We do bags filled with sand. And of course the boxing.

US: How long do the sessions last?
MS: Around and hour to an hour and half. She is not afraid to get dirty. She is not afraid to go to the park and have people look at her like she's crazy. She is not worried about image.

US: Does she do crunches?
MS: No, I really stay away from doing anything you would find in a health club routine. We're low frills. If you can plug it in, we probably don't use it. If it was invented after 1950, we don't use it. It's effective. You don't need expensive equipment or high tech stuff. Just hard work.

Hopefully, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott take that to heart as B&B "owners" on season two of Tori & Dean: Inn Love.

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