Coral Smith, Former Real World Cast Member, is a Lesbian

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Some alums of The Real World are porn stars. Yes, we're looking at you, Tonya Cooley.

Others simply like other women in their personal lives. For example, Coral Smith falls into the latter category.

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As reported by Reality TV World, this former member of The Real World: Back to New York is a lesbian. She came out in a recent interview with Outlook magazine.

"I'm definitely venturing toward my lesbian qualities. It's been a long time coming," said Smith, who dated men on the reality show. "At that time, I was really unsure. That was not the proper venue, the proper platform. To come out to your parents on a f-cking reality show, I think that's just mean, so I didn't."

Smith referred to her sexuality as "very cloudy at this point in time," and added her decision to come-out makes her feel "a little nervous."

"Just saying it is a little... It's a little surreal," she told Outlook. "I'm not scared. I walk around holding hands. It's not a problem for me, but I do fear backlash to some degree. Everyone has something negative to say, and I don't really want to deal with it. Other than that, I don't care. Hell, I'm old. I'm 28!"

Smith recently appeared at "Gay Day" for San Francisco's Great America amusement park and says she's "always been really supportive" of the gay and lesbian community.

"I just felt it was something I belonged to and had to show up for. I love doing this kind of thing," she said. "It's really positive and shows we're capable and can run shit. Gay men run shit in L.A., honey. If you want to go out with somebody in L.A., they have businesses and money and depth. Gay men are coming up and are very under-estimated."

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