Heroes News and Notes on Season Two

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During the on-set press conference in which creator Tim Kring announced a Heroes global tour, sponsored by Nissan, other details about season two emerged.

Here is a summary:

  • According to Greg Grunberg, he begins filming today. After realizing that he'd sort of let the cat out of the bag, he said: "Well, I could be on a hospital bed ... or in a coffin."
Sylar Wants Out
Hayden Panettiere tried to help by joking that the entire cast would be standing around, lowering him into the ground. Therefore, it's a pretty safe bet Matt will survive those four bullets to the chest.
  • Sylar (pictured) will be back.
  • The end of season one, with Hiro in Japan wasn't really the ending ... it was a teaser of the first scene from the first episode of season two. Hiro will be in feudal Japan for "a handful of episodes," according to Kring.
  • Kring envisions season two as consisting of three big story arcs.
  • Heroes: Origins is an "anthology show." However, it's not a midseason show; it will air after the season two finale, and not during sweeps. They have not yet begun writing or filming it.
  • Adrian Pasdar was sporting a full beard, and Milo Ventimiglia had an extremely short haircut.

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