Dance X: Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba Sign up for New Reality Show

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ABC has approved a second song-and-dance reality show, with Dancing with the Stars' critics extraordinaire Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba signing on to appear.

Rather than searching for the best happy-footed celeb, however, the competition will seek to assemble a musical troupe of talented unknowns, E! Online reports.

Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba
Dance X will, like most reality shows to have hit U.S. shores in recent years, be based on a same named Brtish reality-competition. This time around, however, the show from which they're borrowing is relatively unproven in terms of longevity, having only launched on the U.K. airwaves last month.

However, what the original version lacks in duration, it more than makes up for in viewing figures. The Brit hit, which also stars Tonioli, has built up an audience of more than five million since its premiere just a few weeks ago.

While Dance X will seek out the best dancers, whose rhythm will be tested on everything from breakdancing to disco, would-be contest winners must also be able to carry a tune, with the show's end game focused on building a viable song-and-dance troupe.

As for Tonioli and Inaba, the camera-ready duo won't act as judges, but rather as coach-choreographers, with each selecting a group of contestants for their own dance teams and becoming responsible for teaching them new routines to perform every week.

As reality-competition tradition dictates, at the end of each performance show, viewers will be able to vote for which team they believe out-pranced the other and the burden then falls to the teammates of the losing ensemble to vote out one of their own.

ABC has ordered at least six episodes of the series, which is expected to debut in January, between seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

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