Ali Larter Discusses Heroes Season Two Storylines

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iF Magazine recently sat down with Heroes vixen Ali Larter. The actress talked about her character in season two of the show...

iF MAGAZINE: Niki and Jessica in season two of Heroes or just one or the other?

ALI LARTER: No. We are focusing on one. No more splits. I think they are looking at worked last year and moving forward into the new season.

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iF: Focusing on being a mom and trying to be normal again?

LARTER: I think she is focusing on how to deal with her powers. I know there are some other issues that they are going to be sending her direction, but they're really keeping things under wraps this year as opposed to last year. We can't afford to have things getting out on the Internet because then there are no surprises when the episodes air.

iF: How are the motherhood aspects of Niki on Heroes?

LARTER: It's still amazing. I love working with Noah Gray Cabey, he's a great actor and an amazing little guy.

iF: Do you like doing the emotional work or the physical work more on Heroes?

LARTER: What's great about Heroes is that the show is a balance of so many levels, and they give me so many things to play with on different levels that it is just incredible. The writers are amazing.
iF: You and on-screen husband Leonard Roberts only beat each other up on screen right?

LARTER: [Laughs] He's great. He's really good on the show too.

iF: You also have Resident Evil: Extinction coming out soon as well?

LARTER: I do … Claire Redfield. I haven't seen it and I really can't wait to see it. I think it's going to be fun and one of those guilty pleasure movies. It's girls kicking some butt. Zombies in Vegas!

iF: How much training do you get for a feature like that as opposed to Heroes?

LARTER: I don't really get much training. I'm an athletic girl. That stuff comes really easily for me. I don't want anybody else doing that stuff. I want to push and pull and run and jump and shoot everybody down.

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