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We may be used to seeing Ali Larter as a reluctant heroine on Heroes - but fans will get a different view of her in the upcoming movie, Resident Evil: Extinction.

She recently talked about the movie...

You're going to be a red head for the role?
For people who are truly passionate about the games, it's important to have that resemblance to Claire Redfield. They have an idea of what they want her to be. The red hair is just one more thing to help bridge that gap, and get them to take the journey with me.

Resident Evil Actress
So do you spend any time in the cycling skinsuit from the game?
No, no, and I'm so glad about that because we're really just traveling in the desert and trying to survive. If you look at it, you can stop at different stores to pick up clothes that you need when you're living in these grave circumstances. So it's like cargo pants, tank top, baseball cap, sunglasses - anything that's realistic that I would have.

The look of the second movie was very much like a video game. Will that be the same this time around?
Not at all. I think with this movie they're going in a different direction. It's taking on a more realistic, or hyper-realistic world. We're out in the desert now. We're not confined to a certain area, so I think that opens things up. For me I'm glad because with the video games there's the mythology, but this gave me a chance to develop what I thought made the most sense for this character in this world.

How much action do you get in the movie?
Not as much as Alice. Alice gets to kick ass! She's this amazing figure. It's incredible. I have a barretta and knives, but my role isn't as much the action and the fighting of it. It's keeping everything together, organizing it, more of like a general. But I do have a couple of run-ins with the undead and I shoot the shit out of them.

Did you have any gun training?
We did a little bit. I've worked with guns before and it's just so fun. Our stunt man was amazing and made it as believable as possible. And I think it is. I've seen some of the dailies and they're beautiful, just beyond my expectations.

Can you talk about coming into this franchise on the third picture?
Definitely. Going into a franchise that's been successful, especially one where there's an incredibly strong female lead, you wonder how are they going to feel about you coming in and how are you going to be treated. Milla was nothing but amazing. She is so cool. She is so fun. Creatively I think we work really well together too.

The other side of it, and this is why I did this movie, is it is a departure from the first two. I think it's a fresh take on the genre. They brought in a bunch of different characters and it's really a story about survival, and family, and what you would do at this point in the world. So it's not just a shoot'em up. There's a lot more going on and that's what drew me to it.

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