Heroes Spoilers: What is Kristen Bell's Super Power?

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Quinto and Bell
Now that Heroes fans have realized that Kristen Bell truly is coming to their favorite show, one question remains:

What will be her character's super power?

Fortunately, for those that crave Heroes spoilers and simply cannot wait a few weeks to find out, Kristin from E! Online has the following short scoop:

Kristen's power is electricity. I'm also hearing that Kristen might be doing some kind of scene with Masi Oka/Hiro in the past, but honestly, that makes no sense whatsoever to me based on everything else I've heard.

Well... okay then.

From what we hear, it doesn't sound as though Bell's use of electricity will be for the greater good, either. She's rumored to take over as the new villain once Zachary Quinto (Sylar) goes on hiatus for a few weeks to film Star Trek.

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