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We love hearing from Ali Larter. And we hope Heroes fans do, too, because there's another interview with this blond bombshell below...

Crave Online: Where are you at in the season? How many have you read?
Ali Larter: We are shooting the third right now and they're amazing. They're introducing new characters. The writers on our show are so creative and they just are unleashed I feel like in the writer's room, so it's great.

Crave Online: How are things between Niki and D.L. now?
Ali Larter: They are interesting. They're interesting. You're going to find a lot out this year about their past and what happened.

Crave Online: Will the Nikki/Jessica dynamic continue at all?
Ali Larter: They're coming into one character. It's only Niki and I think the writers are so smart on this show that they really looked at what worked and what didn't. To be able to focus on the one character is I think going to be the best move.


Crave Online: How is the work different this year, only playing one character?
Ali Larter: I really am enjoying it. We went down a lot of different roads last year and it was really creative for me that I got to do those scenes where I was in jail and some of the stuff with my son. Playing Jessica, some of the stunt stuff, I feel like I actually jumped through genres at times within the season last year. So I think it was really fun. I think we took risks and chances. I think some worked. I think some didn't. I think this year, the writers are going to look at all that and focus it. I think it'll be great.

Crave Online: How difficult was that to shift in mid scene?
Ali Larter: That was one of the fun challenges that I was talking about being scared of. It could have looked like a soap opera. Not that soap operas are bad but in my work, I try to go for a little bit more realism. So it was challenging but it was such a great year all around, honestly, I feel like most of the cast must be saying that. We were all pushed different ways creatively. The response that we had in the States and around the world is just incredible.

Crave Online: What do you want to see happen for Niki?
Ali Larter: You know what? What I love about the show is when they let the characters breathe. I love the action packed side of it but I like the dialogue. I'm an actor so I love the dialogue. I love just moments that you can have between actors so I just hope that there's always room for that within all the [action].

Crave Online: Have they told you where the character will go?
Ali Larter: Yes. I've heard a little bit La Femme Nikita.

Crave Online: Are you happy about that?
Ali Larter: Absolutely. I'm happy about most things they give me on the show. What's different about television for me because it's my first show, I'm used to a film where you have a beginning, middle and an end, and with this, once they get to know you, they kind of find your strengths, the things that maybe you're not so great at and focus on it. So I'm excited to see where they're going but I'm not past script three.

Crave Online: What was your reaction to the final episode when Hiro went back in time?
Ali Larter: It was shocking an amazing but if we can do that stuff and push the envelope of what you can see right now on television, how great. Let's keep doing it. I hope that the show keeps taking risks, risks that don't always work but that's going to be something fresh.

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