New Book Celebrates Milestone for Guiding Light

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The Bold and the Beautiful is turning 20 years old in a week.

And Guiding Light is scoffing at just how young that is.

The latter show is celebrating its 7oth year on the air - 70th!!! - and is America's longest running daytime drama. The Emmy-winning program is being honored in at least one unique way for this accomplishment:

Tom Pelphrey Pic
On September 18, Pocket Books is releasing an original novel entitled Guiding Light: Jonathon's Story. It features the popular character Jonathan Randall (Tom Pelphrey, pictured, who made an exciting return on the show) in an all-new passionate and adventure-filled love story, one that provides crucial information not revealed on the show.

The book will also feature Jonathon's mother Reva Shayne, his deceased lover Tammy Winslow and his arch-enemy Alan Spaulding (Ron Raines). The novel was conceived by Guiding Light’s Emmy-nominated Head Writer David Kreizman.

Stars of Guiding Light will promote the publication of at two live appearances at shopping malls in the near future.

Here's a quick summer of the romantic adventure:

It begins with Randall fleeing the town of Springfield. He knocked up spoiled rich girl Lizzie Spaulding (Marcy Rylan on the show), but his heart belonged to his true love Winslow. When Tammy was killed stepping in front of a speeding car to save Jonathan from a hit man, he faked his own death and left town with his daughter, Sarah, in order to keep her away from the ruthless Alan Spaulding.

Only his mother knows he’s still alive.

The book reveals the new life that Jonathan has made for himself and his baby daughter. Far away from Springfield, Jonathan stops running and establishes a new identity for himself: J.B. Winslow.

While trying to establish a stable home for Sarah, he meets a strong, compelling young woman to whom he is instantly attracted. As he wrestles with feelings of guilt and loyalty to the lateTammy, Jonathan forges a new life and a passionate new relationship, which pose great rewards and great dangers….

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