Zachary Quinto Opens Up to Canadian Newspaper

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During the Heroes world tour recently, Zachary Quinto spoke with Canadian newspaper, The National Post. Here's what he had to say...

NP: One of the few things Sylar and Spock have in common is that they're loners. Is that part of what makes you a good fit for those roles?
ZQ: You're asking if I'm a loner? I think it's very important for me to very distinctly separate these two experiences and these two characters. ... I think that's probably more a question for J.J. and Tim Kring. What is it about me or what qualities about me drew them to me for these roles? There is something about the way I carry myself obviously that lends itself to these kinds of characters, but I don't think that means I can't play other kinds of characters as well.

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NP: What do you see as your dominant traits as an actor?
ZQ: I like to think that my dominant traits are versatility and a wide range of capacity as an actor, which I think comes from certainly my training and my experience in the theatre, growing up and learning a lot on stage, and learning a lot about style and learning a lot about how to inhabit style and how to embody it.

But again, these are questions that are difficult for me to answer, because I just do my thing. I do it the way I do it, and how people see it or respond to it, I can't have any control over, so it's hard to be objective about it.

NP: When you say inhabit and embody a style, what does that mean?
ZQ: Doing a Tennessee Williams play is very different from doing a Shakespeare play or a Molière play, or Tom Stoppard. There's just different styles of esthetic and of language and of the world that's created. Certainly both the world of Heroes and the world of Star Trek are heightened worlds, and they are both very stylized.

And I think that that's a strength that I have as an actor, is being able to understand those styles and commit to them and exist within the world of them, believably and genuinely. And that's what I can directly trace back to my training and my experience in the theatre.

NP: You were in a Molière play?
ZQ: I went to Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh for acting, and junior year I spent on classics, on Molière and Chekhov and Shakespeare.

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