Adrian Pasdar Mum on Heroes Spoilers

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Don't ask Adrian Pasdar for any Heroes spoilers. Seriously, he won't reveal a thing. He told as much in a recent interview: So how fun is it for you to do interviews and not be able to say ANYTHING about the new season of Heroes?
Adrian Pasdar: It's very frustrating. Hard to be able to have your hands tied and your lips sealed. Last year we were asked to talk to anybody who'd listen. This year we're asked not to say a word.

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HW: Are you surprised at the amount of people that know exactly who you are now?
AP: Yeah. It's always impressive. You forget. You work on a TV show and it takes just as much effort to make a bad show as it does a good one. And God knows I've been part of enough good and bad in my career, so it just feels like going to work and then you step back from it and realize that there's 170 countries that rocketed this thing to number one in every market it's debuted in, so there's an international aspect to it.

It's global. I mean it's not just a small little show anymore.

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