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You'll meet David Anders tonight, on the season premiere of Heroes. First, though, get to know the actor a bit in the following interview:

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Q: Did you watch the first season of Heroes?
A: I only really watched the first three or four episodes.

Q: So you weren't like a huge fan of the show then?
A: I can't say that I was, but obviously I would love to be on a show that is watched by 20 million people.

Q: Yeah, did they come looking for you specifically for this character or did you have to go an audition? How did you get involved with Heroes?
A: Yeah, it was an audition for a character with two contrasting scenes. I didn't know what to make of what was actually written for the audition. But you know I came in and did the English thing. It was my impersonation of Peter O'Toole. Then, they asked me to come back in and tone down the O'Toole a little bit, but still sound English. Then, I got the part a couple of weeks later.

Q: Cool. The character you play on Heroes is pretty interesting. We probably expect the character to be Asian, but as you said this character is English.
A: Yeah, nothing is as what it seems in the Heroes world.

Q: Why did you want audition for this role? You were just a good villain on Alias, did you just want to be a "hero" this time?
A: I don't know. I guess I have the market cornered as far as an American with working papers that can play a Brit. I've been saying that I'm an English actor born in Oregon. I guess this is the English part of my career. I've also been really lucky to get on proven hits after the first season, and become a series regular. I'm very fortunate.

Q: Yeah. Is it hard to join a show with an established and successful cast already?
A: No, I went through the same situation with Alias. Everyone in this ginormous cast of like 15 regulars has been very cool and welcoming. I've worked primarily with Masi Oka and I have had a great time with him helping me with my Japanese.

Q: Right. Did you get the chance to participate in the "Heroes World Tour" that the others did?
A: No, I didn't. I think mainly because my character is new and very secretive, and they were all out there promoting the first season on that tour. There were a few people on the tour who weren't in the first season, though. I know Dania Ramirez was on that tour and she hadn't done an episode yet until the second season premiere. (Laughs) I asked that question. I was like "what the heck?! I would like to go on that tour!" But I understand, I don't want me and my big mouth to blow it.

Q: With all the new characters coming to Heroes this season, do you think it's risky to add more people to a show that was successful last year? Do you think that there could be too many people on the show?
: I don't know. There is just a lot of places and a lot of different storylines, and a lot of things going on. It's like eight different shows blended into one. I don't know. I'm pretty confident that Tim Kring and his crew have a pretty firm grasp on what they are doing. I think it will all sort itself out.

I think the more people that you introduce and let the audience get to know, the more people you have to kill off. They don't want to get death threats for killing Hayden or something. A cheer squad in Oklahoma would be like "NOOOOOO! I love her!" (Laughs)

To read the full interview, click here.

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