Heroes Writer Focuses on Pushing Daisies

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Bryan Fuller has been hard at work for months.

The Heroes writer is also the mind behind a new ABC show, Pushing Daisies.

And he recently admitted that the success of the former helped him land a deal for the latter.

The combination of dark and light, death and hope, that is so prominent on Heroes is also the basis for Daisies. It's about a pie maker who has the power to raise the dead with a single touch.
At one point, Fuller was simultaneously writing the 17th episode of Heroes and penning the first one for his new show.

"A guy can touch dead people once and bring them back to life," said Fuller of Pushing Daisies. "And if he touches them again, they go back to being dead. Problem is, he touches a dead girl, falls in love with her and can never touch her again."

Sounds worth a viewing or two to us.

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