Nichelle Nichols Dishes on Heroes Character

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The Heroes spoilers are out of the bag: Nichelle Nichols will be playing a significant role in season two of our favorite series.

This former Star Trek star recently talked about her role.

"My character's name is Nana and it takes place in New Orleans. She's from New Orleans and this is right after Katrina," Nichols said.

Reportedly, the character has a connection to known Heroes from last season and new ones appearing in the next few weeks, as she reveals: "[I'm] the grandmother of a character in the show named Monica."

We know Monica is one of the new roles in season two and will be played by Dana Davis.

She's described as an avenger out to bring justice to the corrupt city of New Orleans. Connecting Monica, and Nichols' character, to last year is Micah. Nichelle said:

"Monica and her little brother are cousins to Micah, and Micah goes to live with them... "I am Micah's Great Aunt."

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