Sydney Penny Returns to All My Children... and a Romance with Josh?

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The following could be taken as a mini All My Children spoiler. Consider yourself warned.

She's Back!
While the come back of Sydney Penny may have coincided with the exist of Justin Bruening - and his character, Jamie - another love interest appears to be popping up already for this returning actress.

After all, Josh (Collin Egglesfield) is very much around - and scripts already in Penny’s hands reveal that these two will come to a new understanding.

“I got the script and I was like, ‘Wow. That’s about right!’ A long time coming, I think," Penny said. "They started out with a great sparring relationship, so they have that history and there’s always going to be a little abrasiveness, but they actually have quite a bit in common; they’re both obstinate and family-oriented.”

As SoapZone reports, reason Penny left All My Children for the birth of her and husband Rob’s first child, a boy named Chasen. He entered the world on May 31.

The couple divided time between New York and North Carolina, introducing its son to extended family, to nature and to working on a garden in the country. Now, back on the job, Sydney almost can't find her little one.

“He’s being passed around and around and a half hour later I’m like, ‘Has anyone seen my baby?’”

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