A Few Words from Tiffany Pollard

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Tiffany Pollard - yes, the dysfunctional New York from I Love New York - recently talked to VH1's Celebreality blog about her fame and its consequences.

"I'm just a regular, normal person," the over-the-top reality TV star said. "My style of dress and the way that I am is probably a little above average in that regard, but other than that, everything is like, normal. I like to go to the movies, and regardless of the fame I still like to go to the mall.

I Love New York 2 Pic

Sometimes some days it's impossible for me to walk through the mall, but I still try to do that and you know I still like all the same things that I liked before. Clubbing, restaurants. I'm just chillin'!"

Pollard knows, though, that there are expectations for her from the public, and she's learning how to navigate it all.

"I'm going on my second year of being in the spotlight, so I've learned how to adapt. There is definitely a balance. If I have my day where I don't feel like being New York, if I want go somewhere and I don't feel like taking pictures or whatever, I don't go out that day. I just learn kinda how to navigate through it.

It can get a little hectic sometimes. I love my fans, but I'm a human being. I get emotional sometimes."

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