A Look at Possible Next Great American Bands

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With the series premiere of The Next Great America Band out of the way, let's take a look at a few of the 12 finalists from the show...

Tres Bien
One of the guys in the band said they were "Raised by Records" during the introduction. That's not a bad band name, actually, is it? The group had a nice, retro-style that seemed like it could fit right in with some of the bands trying duplicate that old sound today. We approve.

Judging the Bands

Light of Doom
This band of precocious preteens and a 13-year-old were probably one of the most fun acts of the night. The boys said they were influenced by Iron Maiden... as well as ninjas, boobs, and explosions. You cant deny these guys have talent and are a welcome addition to the program.

The Zombie Bazooka Patrol
Can't say we're a fan of that ridiculous zombie makeup. Are all of the group's songs morbid in nature? If so, that sucks. If not, the look won't translate to other material.

The Muggs
The self-proclaimed "ugliest band in the world." We like the self-deprecation, especially in light of the ego on many professionals out there. Solid snippet of song on the show and we hope to see more of these guys.

Did we not include your favorite? Let us know. We'll also be reviewing more bands as the week goes on.

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