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He flies through the stratosphere as failed presidential hopeful Nathan Petrelli, one of NBC's Heroes.

But off set, actor Adrian Pasdar can often be found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on his 42-foot sailboat.

"I come out here, usually by myself ," says Pasdar, stretching out on deck under his fully unfurled sail. "I go out 100 miles and will just stay out a couple of days to be away from Hollywood."

But below deck in the cabins, there is ample evidence of favorite passengers: a bed overflowing with stuffed Finding Nemo fish belongs to his sons with Natalie Maines, one of the Dixie Chicks: Jackson Slade, 6, and Beckett Finn, 3.

More than his hearty Heroes paychecks, which helped pay for the $200,000-plus vessel, Pasdar values his free time. The 42-year-old is looking forward to sailing his sons all the way to Tahiti.

For that reason, the prospect of leaving Heroes last season didn't provoke panic. In the finale, his character seemed to explode high above the clouds with brother Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) in his arms.

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