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Last week, Entertainment Weekly spoke with Dania Ramirez. Now? Here's a conversation with her on-screen brother, Shalim Ortiz.

EW: Tell us about Alejandro.
Shalim Ortiz: The fact that me and Maya are twins plays a very strong role in our power and what happens to us. We complement each other. We're illegal immigrants and we are running from the cops. We need to get answers because we can't live with what we have. We need to find a solution, a cure.

EW: Sounds intriguing. What about your character do you find most interesting?
Shalim Ortiz: His love for his sister. He protects her no matter what. Even if his life is at stake. My younger brother and sister are twins, so I based a lot of this relationship on what I grew up with. Their relationship is beyond just brother and sister. They take care of each other. It's beautiful.

EW: Is it easy to play Dania Ramirez's twin?
Shalim Ortiz: We clicked right away. We did not have to work on chemistry, it just happened the first time we did the ''chemistry'' read. We are both Dominican. We're in the same age range. There were a lot of things that we had in common that you can't make up, which helped.

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