Heroes Round Table: The Kindess of Strangers

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Welcome to our fourth Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Ali Larter's presence on the show. Are we sure D.L. was the one who died?

Milover: Are you kidding me? Comic relief from Masi Oka and the chance to see Milo Ventimiglia shirtless are two of the biggest reasons I tune in! Next time you're keeping these essential cogs in the Heroes wheel on the sidelines, NBC, shoot me an email beforehand so I can go to bed early.

Timex: Yes and yes. They kept me from two of my favorite characters. Hiro's our light-hearted hero; of course I miss him! As far as Peter, he's the super hero of the show, even if he is slumming it right now.

Heroes RT: The Kindess of Strangers

Parkman's father is The Boogeyman. Too outlandish of a coincidence? Or a cool Heroes connection?
Milover: Maybe a tad much, but still a cool connection. Come on. It's Heroes. You have to expect the unexpected... and that we are all connected.

Timex: When it comes to Heroes, nothing is too outlandish of a coincidence. Need I list all the outlandish coincidences from even just last night's episode? Alejandro and Maya running into Sylar? Parkman being the detective on the Momma Patrelli case? Nothing seems outlandish at this point.

A. Hiro: I'm a fan of crazy coincidences. Some may even refer to these as fate and, let's face it, the mythology of Heroes is pretty much grounded in these talented individuals being connected in various ways. But there's a slippery slope to be careful of here. Next thing you know, Mohinder's mailman will be the former babysitter of Nathan's kids and Kensei will be Claire's second cousin. The show can't shock the viewers too many times or there's no way to follow the story line.

Major Tension
Nathan shaved. Yay or nay?
Timex: I kind of was digging the cuddly, drunken teddy bear look Nathan had going on. But of course he also did look like a creepy hobo when he went to visit his kids through a gate. It's tough, but I'm going to have to vote yay.

A. Hiro: Nay. I was hoping for a beard-off between Nathan and future Jack from Lost.

Milover: Yay. That was the worst facial hair experiment on TV this fall. Yes, even more of a disaster than Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) on Grey's Anatomy.

Which secret will be revealed first: Claire dating West? Or Mr. Bennet working against The Company?
A. Hiro: Claire and West. Mr. Bennet will be on to them when he finds the obligatory home pregnancy test in the kitchen trash can.

Milover: Claire dating West. How good are teenagers - even those with regenerative powers - at keeping secrets? Plus, you could tell Mr. Bennet already knows in the back of his mind that Claire is up to something. As for his crusade against The Company, Mr. B. is covering his tracks... for now.

Timex: Claire dating West. I mean, Mr. Bennet is kind of the man. I'd like to think he's better at keeping secrets than the world's worst liar. Aquarium? Library? Really?

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