James Kyson Lee Speaks on What Lies Ahead

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Among the complaints of many viewers during season two? We want more Ando and Hiro!

Fortunately, James Kyson Lee tells TV Guide that he and his on-screen best buddy will be reunited soon enough. Here's what else he shared with the magazine...

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TVGuide.com: Congrats on becoming a regular cast member.
James Kyson Lee: Most people thought I was a regular last season, because I was in all but one of the episodes, more than anyone but Masi Oka and maybe Milo Ventimiglia. But I was a guest star. It doesn't mean anything really but a pay raise. You could still go at any moment.

TVGuide.com: The way Hiro is able to communicate with Ando through the scrolls in his ancient sword is really cool. There's no way for Ando to write back, is there?
Lee: No, because Hiro put the letters in there 400 years ago — even though it's kind of simultaneously. Last week I recruited some help to decode the secret scrolls; that's how I found out what exactly is taking place with my friend. I found someone who is an expert at decoding ancient writing. It has an Indiana Jones feel to it. It's almost like discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls — a major, major artifact.

TVGuide.com: We can expect Hiro and Ando to reunite sometime this season, can't we?
Lee: That's our destiny. There are more villains to tackle — Molly's bogeyman, the whole so-called Dirty Dozen — and we have to go after them. And that will be dangerous.

TVGuide.com: How do you think Ando has changed?
Lee: He's in a completely different place. He's a self-inspired warrior. After all, he decided to kill Sylar even though he doesn't have powers. You have to give him credit. He's naive, yet somehow heroic.

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