Jennifer Braff: Author, Advice Guru

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Jennifer Braff did not even win Age of Love.

Nevertheless, the attractive older woman is being asked by people around the country how she remains so young, sexy and fit.

"I know there are many women out there that want [sexiness, excitement, and youthfulness back in their lives]," Jennifer says. "I received thousands of letters after doing Age of Love stating that I helped them in those ways. One woman still writes me and since watching me on the show and getting back into the gym, has lost 18 pounds. A couple wrote that I helped save their marriage."

Sounds like it must be a healthy on, in that case.

Due to the onslaught of letters, Braff has written a pair of books: Cougar Dating: A Woman's Guide to Dating Men of All Ages, and I Am Cougar, Hear Me Roar: A Self-Help Autobiography. They are both aimed at helping older women hang onto, or bring back, their youthful sexiness.

The fact that Braff had to appear on a reality TV show to find a man doesn't appear to make her less of a role model to these females. Oh, and she posed in Playboy.

"Before even doing Age of Love, I had many friends and family members asking me what I did to keep my skin looking so good, and how I kept myself in shape," Jennifer said. "I also had many people asking how to keep a positive attitude when one is growing older and feeling down about their life.

They were feeling as if they had somehow lost their value because they weren't 20 or 30 anymore. After receiving thousands of emails and blogs from viewers from the show asking me the same thing, I decided I needed to [write these books] because I have something to share with other women that I know is important to living a fulfilling life.

I believe most women were just waiting for a positive role model to look to that felt the way they did about dating and relationships."

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