Tiffany Pollard Discusses Future

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Tiffany Pollard says she's found the man of her dreams in I Love New York 2.

She said as much, while also discussing her acting future, during a recent interview with VH1 Reality World. Check out this excerpt:

Do you think about the future? If it works out with this new guy, there won't be an I Love New York 3. Then what do you do? Where does your career go?
This guy, like I said, before, is so perfect and we fit together so well. He said that he will not allow another season and I told him, "Don't take that tone with me, because I am not gonna allow another season. It's OK for me to say that, not for you to say that." ‘Cause I have my man in check.

But anyway, I do see myself branching out and pursuing a career in acting and stuff like that. Just because I'm not going to do a third season of I Love New York, it doesn't mean that there's not going to be another project waiting for me.

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