Adrian Pasdar Previews Heroes Episode, Story Lines

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As we sit and pray that the writers' strike comes to an end soon, we wanted to share the following interview with Adrian Pasdar.

The Heroes star spoke with TV Guide about tonight's big episode, along with how the season has shaped up so far...

071112int1adrian.jpg This week, we're going back four months ago to see what happened after the gang defeated Sylar. Can you tell us how Nathan and Peter survived?
Adrian Pasdar: We filmed this stuff a month or six weeks ago, and we spent a lot of time about 30 feet above the cement floor of Stage 7. It'll knock your socks off — in fact, it did knock one of my shoes off, during the stunt. It picks up right where the finale left off, and there's a good deal of explanation as to what's been happening, why I see that face in the mirror periodically. Nathan has gone through a major change — last season he was so fixated on his public image, and now his priorities have clearly shifted.
Pasdar: The events that happened between the finale of last year and the beginning of the season this year altered his perspective on who he was and his ability to impact people around him. He lost his way a little bit — he had more of an inner search for what was important, and he ends up losing all the things that he held very close to him. It's an attempt for him to regain not only the elements of his past but what the pieces are that made up who he was.

All of those things kind of got fractured in the finale — they exploded, in a way. [Laughs] I've missed working with Milo Ventimiglia — our paths have been divergent, have been separate. But we do get back together in the last few episodes that we've filmed. They're a reunion of sorts. Anybody in the cast you'd like to work with but haven't had a chance to yet?
Pasdar: I've worked with just about everybody except for Jack [Coleman, who plays Noah Bennet, aka HRG] — one of the guys I have a great relationship with but unfortunately I'm not able to have much screentime with. In fact, we share a daughter [Claire]. He's probably the only one, other than James Kyson Lee [who plays Ando].

I haven't worked with any of the new ones, like Kristen [Bell, who plays Elle] and Dana [Davis, who plays Monica]; it's hard to see where our storylines would cross naturally, and they're very good about not forcing storylines to meet. They have to come together of their own volition. In a recent article, Tim Kring apologized for the beginning of the season. What do you think of the apology — was it necessary? Was it appropriate?
Pasdar: The decisions these guys have made creatively didn't pay off as broadly as they wish they might have. I think it's courageous of him — whenever you work on a TV show like this, the expectations are just so high, especially after such a stellar first season. The challenge is not to re-create that but to reinvent yourself, and that's what they're trying to do.

I think it's courageous, noble, bold and ultimately admirable for him to step forward and say, "What we tried to do didn't work out as well as we thought it would, and we're going to go back and retool." You take a chance sometimes. According to Tim, it didn't pan out the way they wanted it to. He has an allegiance to the fans, and he's ultimately doing it for viewers. You want as many people to stay tuned as possible.

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