Amelia Heinle Speaks on The Young and the Restless Disaster

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Amelia Heinle recently talked to Soap Opera Digest about the Clear Springs disaster story line on The Young and the Restless.

Amelia Heinle, Thad Luckinbill
As her pregnant character was left comatose after the building collapse, Heinle - who was also with child during shooting, and it with husband Thad Luckinbill in this photo - spoke on filming those scenes...

Soap Opera Digest: The Clear Springs scenes turned out really well. They were suspenseful to watch.
Amelia Heinle: Thanks! I'm glad you think so. When I was filming, I wasn't sure how they'd do the explosive stuff on daytime. It took a long time to film those scenes.

Digest: I thought it was effective how they showed different characters' stories on different days.
Heinle: I hadn't realized they were going to do it like that. But then my mom wanted to see me and she was like, "Where are you? You haven't exploded yet." I was like, "I know I'm in there sometime."

Digest: Did you fall asleep during the coma scenes?
Heinle: It was hard not to. Would you believe that this was my first time ever being in a coma?

Digest: Really? But you've been on three soaps. [Heinle also played All My Children's Mia] How did you manage to avoid that particular soap convention?
Heinle: I don't know! It seems everyone on soaps is comatose at least once, right? It was kind of fun, though. I'd just lie there and relax while people cried over me. What wasn't to like [laughs]?

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