An Interview with Shauvon Torres

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Shauvon Torres
Shauvon Torres is a cast member on The Real World: Sydney. She recently spoke with BuddyTV:

Has Real World been a show that you've always wanted to be part of?
Yes. It has, actually. I've always watched all the other Real Worlds. I've always been into them, even the challenges. It's always something that I've always kind of ... I just thought it'd be like an awesome experience to go do. You get to live in an amazing house, live with six other roommates and all that.

So yeah, I've always been interested in it and I thought: ‘You know what, I'm getting to that cut-off age, 24.' So I applied, and then yeah.

Usually when Real World is casting they're looking for people who are larger than life, and really outspoken. Did you feel like you would have been a good fit for The Real World?
Yeah. I definitely felt like this was something I could do. I felt like I had something to offer. I felt like I could be myself. Be real. And kind of be that outgoing person they're looking for. I already wrote a column for a newspaper, so, that's already a huge step of being pretty open to say what's on your mind. So yeah, I just kind of felt like I could bring a lot to the table.

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