Commentary: Best Light Beer Commercial Ever!

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By the standards of a show justifiably called the best on TV, episode #4, "Let's Get It On," had all the complexity of a light-beer commercial.

For starters, Tim and Jason's trip to Mexico in search of booze (the former) and working legs (the latter) has finally come to an end, and nobody died or disgraced themselves in a way they can't recover from. But they came damn close.

Tim Riggins, in his unparalleled and infinite wisdom, chose a "booze cruise" as the location during which to tell Jason Street, with Lyla Garrity standing by to furrow her gorgeous brow at key moments, that he shouldn't have the surgery because it isn't going to work and he could quite possibly wind up dead.

After a dramatic and unsuccessful confrontation, Riggins and Lyla leave Six to stew in his own anger, and what does he do? Tips himself overboard.

Taking a Dive

Of course Jason realizes the true value of life as he's sucking down sea water, and of course, as the indie-rock ballad hits epic violin mode, he fights his way to the surface and of course, he's going to spy a beach in the near distance, and of course, a wave comes along and propel him toward the sand. Hallelujah!

Moments later, Riggins and Lyla drive up in a truck — weren't they just on a boat? — and it is confirmed: Jason Street now wants to live. Plus, he's sorry for being a jerk. Now... anyone up for a drink? At the end of the episode, the three amigos are all tipsy and making out with one another. Well, not the boys. You get the idea. Lyla, unable to shake the label of the most boring character on Friday Night Lights, breaks the smokin' hot mood by saying, "I gotta go pray."

We kid you not. Okay, that was the worst of it, and we admit that we very much enjoyed it, the extreme cheese factor notwithstanding.

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