Heroes Spoilers: What Happened Four Months Ago?

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After a stellar Heroes episode this week, we truly cannot wait until Monday. How come? As that hour's title promises us, we get to find out what happened "Four Months Ago" to our favorite characters.

Fortunately, Kristin of E! Online has the following Heroes hints to help us along the way...

What Lies Behind? This is the big question that is answered in the next episode, which flashes back four months to the night of the big boom. In this episode, you fall head over heels for Kristen Bell as Elle, because she's hilarious and mischievous and just all-around awesome. And, oh yeah, did I mention she and Milo kiss?! Gaaaah!

Sign me up for freeze frame on that one. We also learn that D.L. did not die when we thought he did but rather indirectly at the hands of Niki's new alter ego: a naughty school girl.

Bloody Good Twist:  Claire's got some serious mojo (read: blood) that can indeed save the world. You didn't think that good ol' slogan of yesterseason was already played out, didya? Long live the bloody good cheerleader who can save the world! And in fact, I'm told she'll rescue at least two main characters in the coming month.

Maya Is Worse than Sylar:  As least as far as body count. You'll see!

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