Heroes Spoilers: Which Characters Will Fall?

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Two Heroes will fall. One villain will rise.

We all heard the voiceover and saw the preview for this Monday's Heroes episode, right? But just which characters will perish? And will they really be gone forever? This is Heroes, after all...

Kristin from E! Online, wrote the following spoilers/teasers regarding who we can expect to say goodbye to next week:

We'll call the first death Final, the second death Uncertain and the third death Reversed (thanks to Claire's miracle juice - yay!). (And no, they don't go down in that order.)

HRG Lives!

Although you may be shocked by all of these deaths - because they are all series regulars and very pretty people! - you probably won't cry over Final or Reversed (that's just my hunch). But if Uncertain turns out to stick, well, let's just say the Heroes producers best be stocking up on some hazmat suits for the s--t storm that's about to erupt! The fans will not be happy.

(In other winter-finale news, Mama Petrelli just might be the worst mother ever in the history of the planet, while Noah Bennet has my vote for Father of the Year, while Sylar is the Comeback Kid.)

Who do you think will die? Let us know right now in our

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