Hey, Daniel Goddard: Lily or Heather?

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Daniel Goddard - or, to be specific, his character Cane - has a decision to make: does he become romantically involved with Lily (Christel Khali) or Heather?

“I think Lily was incredibly patient with him. Cane admires that she is so trusting and loyal," The Young and the Restless star recently said. "The big problem is the age difference and time will tell if they can get past that. I think if she can grow from her relationship with Cane and, in turn, Cane can experience some of her trust and loyalty which he needs, it might work."

But what about Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom), who is attractive, single and closer to his age? Cane has already begun his flirtation with Heather, which appears to be reciprocated.

“I think it will come down to what Cane needs," the actor said. "There is the uncomplicated world of Lily where he can be the knight in shining armor. Then there is Heather, who is smart and a go-getter and they share a similar energy.

Cane and Lily could be very romantic where Cane and Heather would be more 'over the couch, across the room and into the driveway' like he was with Amber. It will be interesting to see where Cane ends up with Lily or Heather."

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