Michael Easton Answers Fan Questions

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On his official website, Michael Easton recently answered a handful of questions from One Life to Live fans.

Here are a couple examples:

Q:First of all it's been a lot of fun watching you on One Life to Live these past years, and see your character of John evolve...thanks for keeping me watching. I'm curious to know how did you like being John the "mummy" for all those days as a burn victim, any humorous costume/makeup stories? You looked good in white... but I do prefer you in your black leather jacket too!
A: I literally fell asleep one day while they were filming.

Q: I read in a magazine article that you said you would like to do Dancing With The Stars but it would scare the hell out of you. All your fans know what a great actor and writer you are so how about showing us what kind of dancer you are. If you're gonna say you wouldn't be any good because you have two left feet I'm not buying it.
A: It would be a disaster. I’d be ruining another perfectly good show for people.

Follow our link to read the full interview with Easton.

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