Tiffany Pollard Says Goodbye to Mr. Wise

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Tiffany Pollard decided to boot Mr. Wise from her reality show last night, after explaining she's unsure if he's willing to open up to her enough to meet her needs.

"Mr. Wise is emotionally unavailable right now," said the star of I Love New York. "There's something lurking in his past that is affecting his present, and it's affecting our relationship."

I Love New York 2

Shockingly, the bachelor didn't agree with such an assessment.

"By letting me go, I think new York is missing out on someone that's sincere, genuine, strong and who will stand by his word," said Mr. Wise following his ouster. "No matter what -- even though I'm leaving -- I still have love for New York."

Down to four, the remaining contestants' families come to visit next week. Should be fun!

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