Vail Bloom Featured in Maxim

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Before Vail Bloom made it big on The Young and the Restless, she was featured in Maxim as a "Hometown Hottie."

Here's what she said in her profile in the magazine:

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey
What's so great about Princeton? "Lots of boys in pink and canary-yellow pants. And PJ's Pancake House."
Favorite movie: Van Wilder
Favorite team: Florida Gators

Vail Bloom Photo

Vail Bloom was discovered as an actress after she was featured in Maxim in 2003.

Best place to meet guys in your town: "TI, short for Tiger Inn. It's always dim, which is convenient for sketchy make-out sessions in the corner."
Even better place to make out: "A club called Cottage. There's a closet next to the dance floor. It's fun to hide in there while people are dancing a few inches away."
Best music venue: "Prospect Avenue, which we all just call ‘the Street,' the second weekend in May. Every lawn is filled with live bands."

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