An Interview with Holly Madison

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First, we heard from Bridget Marquardt regarding this season of The Girls Next Door.

Now, Holly Madison has talked to TV Guide about the upcoming few episodes... I understand there's a big "Alaskan adventure" airing on The Girls Next Door this Sunday.
Holly: Yes, and I'm really excited about it because it airs on my birthday and I get to take Bridget and Kendra back to my hometown in Alaska, which is really, really rural and out in the middle of nowhere. It's definitely a change of pace for them. What else is among your favorite moments of the coming season?
Holly: There's an episode that focuses on my work at Playboy Studio West, which follows four different girls from four different parts of the country [trying] out to be Playmates. I think that shows the real me more than any other episode. It shows me at work and it gets behind the sort of girls who come out here. In Season 1, you said one big objective was to clear up misconceptions about life at the mansion. Do you see signs that you've accomplished that?
Holly: Absolutely. Our show has a really big female following, and we get a lot of feedback from them. They look up to us because we're in a position where we can pretty much pursue anything we want to do, and they love to see empowered women follow their dreams. What might be in your future once Girls Next Door runs its course?
Holly: Well, we're each hoping to develop a spin-off. I'd love to do a spin-off about my work at the Playboy Studio and the girls that come through there. And some day I'd love to be a mom and have it all!

Check out the full interview with Madison now.

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