Beth Ehlers Speaks on Guiding Light Characters

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Beth Ehlers recently sat down with Soap Opera Weekly. Here are excerpts from the interview with the Guiding Light star:

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Soap Opera Weekly: What was Harley thinking when she learned Gus proposed to Natalia?
Beth Ehlers: She was freaking devastated. She found out from Lizzie, of all people. Harley didn't know a thing [about it], and Lizzie came in and said she was sorry, and Harley was thinking, "What are you talking about?" What a terrible way to find out. She's thinking, "We just broke up. We just broke up, you piece of [crap]!"

Weekly: Even though Gus and Harley had been having problems for a while, the divorce and proposal came as a shock?
Ehlers: Harley was trying to give [Gus] a lot of leash to do what she thought he needed to do, because if she didn't let him explore [a relationship with Natalia], he was going to resent her. I thought it was to come back to Harley.

Weekly: In the aftermath of the engagement news, Gus and Harley seem to be getting along. Will that continue?
Ehlers: No. She's so wounded and so furious. It's not casual at all. There are a few scenes written where Harley is sweet to Gus. I understand that, but no freaking way am I playing that. I hate him. He's an a------.

Weekly: Even though you enjoy working with Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus), do you think it's better that Harley and Gus not interact much during Gus' engagement period?
Ehlers: Harley has so much going on in her life right now. After she almost died, she felt like she needed to change the direction of her life and do something that she felt mattered again. That's why she started up the [detective] agency. Going back to the police force was too intense, since Gus was there. She needs to get away from him and she doesn't need to see him every day, so [she can] have some space, some freedom and some control.

Weekly: At least you still have Murray Bartlett (Cyrus) and Mandy Bruno (Marina).
Ehlers: I never get to work with Mandy enough, so that's been wonderful. I know she's my niece [on the show], but I really look at her like a daughter. It's been nice working with Murray. His energy is very Buddhist, but I don't think he attaches himself to any religion. He loves to travel, and he's a worldly guy, so it's nice.

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