Gina Tognoni Talks About Guiding Light Characters, Angles

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Gina Tognoni Picture sat down with Gina Tognoni to chat about Dinah's current situation in Springfield.

Dinah and Mallet
[Dinah] and Mallet (Robert Bogue) are sort of on the backburner, quite literally and figuratively as far as [their] relationship. I don't know what's going to happen. I am the biggest fan of Mallet and Dinah. I think that they will come full circle. They're at a point in their relationship where they're in their own separate corners.

Mallet is still in her life, but very much on the edge right now, and vice versa. I pray that that comes together again, and it will. I miss working with Rob Bogue [Mallet].

Bill's Back
Bill (Daniel Cosgrove), her younger brother, has come to town and he has much more of an edge. Dinah is a lot more manipulative than she's been in the past year, because she is good at that. In the very essence of her soul, that is what she's about. And that's what she's trying to evolve from. But it's what she knew and because she went back to what she knows, she has to deal with some of the consequences that come along with living a life like that.

That's what we're seeing. We're seeing her bad behavior again. We're seeing her manipulate, [and] work with Bill trying to get what they need. So, really, Dinah is having more fun with Bill these days than anybody.

Good Girl vs. Bad Girl

[Being a bad girl has] always worked for Dinah. It really has. People find her very interesting when she's like that. I like both. I like the manipulative side and I also like the side that discovers there's a different way. Gina, personally, likes that because I actually find that more of a challenge than being a bitch. And you can print that! [Laughs]

Daniel Cosgrove
I thank God for Danny. He makes me laugh. He's brilliant. The show has regained a huge asset. Great to watch, fantastic to work with. He keeps you on your toes. In dichotomy, he brings a maturity and yet just this child-like joy in his work that this show needs. He's gorgeous! Could you be any cuter with those dimples?

Lizzie/Dinah New Friendship
I get a kick out of Marcy Rylan (Lizzie). Marcy's another ray of sunshine. She's so talented – great dancer, great energy. She wants to do a good job, she does her homework, and she's prepared. She is professional. She wants to get better and better. She's still young. She really works hard, and there's something about that that I relate to. It's nice seeing that.

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