Mike Greenburg and Mike Golic to Appear on Guiding Light

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ESPN Radio's morning hosts Mike Greenburg and Mike Golic of "Mike & Mike in the Morning" will be making an appearance on Guiding Light in February.

The two have discussed the show on air in the past because former NFL star Mark Schlereth occasionally guest stars on the series as Roc Hoover.

Here are excerpts from yesterday's discussion of the show between Mike and Mike. They sort of give away some Guiding Light spoilers...

Greeny: We are going down there Friday to tape our episode of Guiding Light. I’m told it will air on February 20th, so we’ll remind you if you want to see Mike and Mike on Guiding Light. But, here are the characters they wrote for us. We’re not playing ourselves. I assumed we’d play ourselves.
Golic: No we’re not. One thing I’m excited about: I immediately searched “wardrobe” for what I was going to have to put on, and I get to wear what I wear on the show here. So, it works out pretty well.
Greeny: So we’re shooting this thing Friday right after the show, and here’s the characters they’ve given us. We play brothers, Greg and Elliott. I’m Greg, you’re Elliott.
Golic: I’m Elliott!
Greeny: In our scene, the brothers, Greg and Elliott, have a run-in with the town minister, Josh Lewis, and his ex-wife Reva. It seems that one of the minister’s sermons inspired both Greg and Elliott’s wives to leave them for each other.
Golic: Yes! We’re both married, but our wives leave us…
Greeny: …for each other…
Golic: …and hook up.
Greeny: Now, let’s make it very clear. We have nothing to do with this. They wrote this for us. They have us playing brothers…
Golic: Brothers. Let me tell you what: talk about brothers from a different mother! Are you kidding me?
Mark: You know it’s sad when the two of you are such bad husbands that you drive your wives to each other.
Golic: And, we get in a fight! We get in a fight with a minister and his ex-wife over this.
Greeny: In stereotypical Mike and Mike fashion, it says, “Elliott (Golic) reacts with broodish anger, while Greg (Greeny) is depressed.” This is what they wrote for us!

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