Milo Ventimiglia Dishes on Heroes Backlash and More

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Sadly, Milo Ventimiglia has a lot of free time these days. The Heroes actor used some of it to speak with Entertainment Weekly recently...

Ventimiglia, Milo
Are you just chillin' now while the strike is on, or are you working on something new?
I'm pretty busy. I'm doing two features before Christmas. One is called Game, and that's with Gerard Butler and Amber Valletta. It's written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the same guys who did Pathology, the movie I have coming out in the spring.

Who do you play in Game?
A very interesting futuristic character that's not necessarily in control of himself.

Tim Kring told us several weeks ago that the ending of Volume 2 was altered due to strike consequences and a desire to reboot the series when it returned. What can you say about the original ending — is it true that the virus was supposed to get out? What ending did you prefer?
It was Tim's intention, I think, to not make people wait much longer. Due to the writers' strike, we were in a position where we're gettin' cut short like everybody else. I think Tim wanted to give some kind of feeling of Hey, we made it. The End. And I think it was the right thing to do. A good thing to do.

With regards to the virus getting out or not getting out, at this point it doesn't, so it's kind of a moot point, which seems like an easy answer for me to give. Now I know we're taking a direction that is going away from the virus— from what I understand. The best answers are always gonna come out of Tim's mouth. I mean let's not kid ourselves: I wear make up and read lines for living.

Have you noticed changes in how Heroes fans approach you on the street this season?
For the most part, people still walk up to you with smiles on their faces saying, ''I love it. I love it. I love it.'' Occasionally, you get somebody who kinda looks at you and thinks, Eh, first season was better, but I still watch you guys. You're doing pretty good.

I think there are a lot of fans that are begrudgingly hanging in there, very patiently waiting for us…. As a person that's on the show as well as a fan of the show, I always want to get back to the great character moments that drive the series. I'm hoping we get back to the feeling of the first season: that kind of base human emotion, that level where these people that have these abilities are understanding them still.

Read the full interview with Milo now.

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